Warning signs in children

  1. At least eight ear infections within one year.
  2. At least two serious cases of sinusitis within one year.
  3. At least two cases of pneumonia within one year.
  4. Recurrent, deep abscesses of the skin and/or other organs.
  5. More than two life-threatening infections (e.g. meningitis).
  6. Illness caused by otherwise harmless micro-organisms (e.g. atypical mycobacteria).
  7. Fungal infections of the lining of the mouth or other mucous membranes after reaching one year of age.
  8. Taking of antibiotics for over two months without improvement of symptoms.
  9. Failure to thrive and impaired growth.
  10. Congenital immune deficiencies or similar symptoms in other family members.
  11. Complications caused by live vaccines (polio, tuberculosis, measles, varicella).
  12. Unexplained chronic redness of the hands and feet in infants.